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As an insurance business grows, the existing insurance software may over time become over-extended due to the volume of data stored in the insurance business software. As insurance businesses and insurance markets changes over time, insurance businesses add various insurance products, and perhaps even non insurance products such as banking products and payroll products to the product line. As the tendency for a business to diversify over time by adding new products, the need for flexibility with an insurance software becomes increasingly vital. If an insurance business expands into multiple different product lines, and the business insurance software does not have the ability to have various new products added, the insurance business will react by starting new sets of paper business files, or purchase new software to adapt new products into the insurance business.

Insurance SoftwareIn the 3rd quarter 2010, A1Enterprise is scheduled to release a new insurance software that an insurance business may depend on for tracking insurance data as well as non insurance products. This business insurance software will include many new software technology and design elements giving it unique and strong position in the insurance marketplace. A1 Enterprise will also offer a private label option for this business insurance software. Therefore, other organizations may upgrade to a more flexible insurance tracking software while also providing their insurance business with a valuable marketing tool to help promote new products to their insurance clients.

As a value-added service, A1 Enterprise will also provide insurance software integration to allow insurance clients to access private labeled insurance tracking software from a public web site.

If your organization is looking to increase efficiency in insurance tracking, or transition into a green business that utilizes electronic transactions with your customers and vendors, contact A1 Enterprise for more information on our insurance software.

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