Insurance SoftwareA1 Enterprise completed phase 1 of 2 phase deployment insurance software, giving insurance agents options to extend the policy enrollment process to customers. Insurance administrators will receive real-time enrollment request notifications accompanied by qualifying documentation to expedite policy application processing. New insurance applications can be sorted and filtered by review status, region, follow up party, and date submitted. Cloud insurance software provides convenience for insurance agents, brokers, with accessibility from work stations and mobile devices. Insurance software may be built to suit your organizational needs based on the types of insurance sold, ranging from life and health to commercial and general liability, to property and casualty.

Insurance software gives administrative staff necessary tools for ensuring the integrity of client and policy information, including subscribers, dependents, coverage amounts, and policy terms and conditions. Insurance agents and brokers can focus more on sales and marketing, or cross selling various products to existing customers, than on processing enrollment information. Insurance software also tracks asset insurance, for vehicles, homes, boats, planes, inventory, services rendered, or other structures. Asset insurance software has flexibility for tracking different assets by category, type, age, value, location, and department to name a few.

Insurance Software with Claims Integration

With integrated claims software, insurance software is capable of tracking claim costs for personal injuries, property damages, or benefits in accordance with the policy. Claim costs may co-inside maximum and minimum insurance policy benefit information based on claim history, and include certain claim cost validation required to ensure policy benefits are not exceeded within a given policy year. For more complex insurance policies, such as excess insurance and reinsurance, insurance policies may be grouped in a hierarchical structure as to inherit each other’s insurance benefits where once a maximum policy benefit is reached a 2nd policy covers the loss. Reinsurance software may involve complex reporting processes, which is why A1 Tracker may be customized to fit your insurance software needs. We strive to meet the demands of the most complex insurance business requirements, where other insurance software vendors may not fill or meet. Contact us for more information on insurance software with claims integration.