A1 Tracker presented injury software OSHA reports and cloud injury management to a prospective oil development customer. A1 Injury software will potentially automate the employee injury and OSHA reporting process, thereby streamlining the efficiency of safety management for this organization. A1 injury management software will calculate lost days and modified days for employee injuries to populate OSHA 300 reports and supply safety management staff and executive managers with on-demand safety & OSHA reports. OSHA reports will have options to be run real-time or scheduled for automatic distribution to email recipients.

OSHA and safety injury software includes injury alerts with branded injury report templates for injury claim forms and real time injury email notifications. Injury reports may be customized by an administrator to include injury information such as date of injury, injury type, description, and employee contact information. Injury email reports may be sent via email or print form. Document attachments for doctors notices, progress reports, statements, and insurance documentation may be attached to an injury. Optional online injury claim forms are available with full private labeling where employees can submit an injury from a laptop or mobile device accompanied by pictures of the local job site or project conditions, any asset damage, and sustained injuries.

A1 Tracker safety software for injury management helps identify key injury trends by injury type, category, and keyword descriptions to help reduce the frequency employee injuries and increase effective OSHA compliance reporting.