A1 Tracker deployed with private labeled injury accident prevention software forms for an aviation manufacturing company. Hazard software can report hazards surrounding machinery equipment, project sites, and manufacturing facilities. Online hazard reports can be managed by a safety manager who issues corrective action requests to local managers. Equipment and local facility managers will update the hazards to their specific equipment or facility to minimize the risk for employees and maintain accountability for safety and accident prevention.

Employees will have access to a list of hazards at by facility. Hazard awareness is a key component of risk management, therefore the goal of hazard software is to prevent employee injuries and maintain facilities and equipment.

Accident prevention software tracks hazardous conditions by facility or equipment from start to finish, notifying the hazard reporting parties of corrections made and employees. A smooth hazard & accident prevention software will boost work moral by keeping employees safe and injury-free.

Employee injury software integrates with hazard software, for tracking employee injury claims and related insurance information. Once an injury occurs, employees or supervisors will quickly report the injury and surrounding conditions to prevent further injuries, while notifying corporate safety and insurance managers. If the injury occurred due to a hazardous condition, injury software integrates with hazard reporting to illustrate how a hazardous condition may have ultimately led to an employee injury.

The integration between injury accident prevention software and hazard software will enhance corporate risk management and accident prevention programs. Full deployment training will be provided for safety and insurance managers.