A1 Tracker has been awarded a new incident management software implementation that will be used to track and report auto incidents, customer complaints, and hazards for a public utility company in Puerto Rico. Incident reporters will have a web-based claim portal to submit critical incident details including the roadway where the incident occurred and the details about the vehicles involved. This implementation will support both English and Spanish language options while enabling incident parties to submit an incident via a mobile-friendly incident reporting portal. Parties can then use that very same portal to monitor the status of their report while it is processed. As incidents are reported, incident managers will receive automatic incident notifications containing key details regarding both the incident and those involved.

Incident management software includes workflow for approvers to verify incident details and approve for corrective actions, costs, and follow ups.

Incident Management Software

As incidents are submitted from a web site, the incident manager will receive real-time incident reports. Incidents may consist of damages, complaints, or suggestions. Following incident manager approval, insurance brokers and companies will then be notified of the incident where an adjuster will be assigned to the incident for investigation. Following adjuster approval, costs are then allocated and approved for final payment to the incident party.

Key incident data points includes repair estimate costs, invoices, police report details, insurance details, photos, and witness information. For more information or a free demo, contact us.