The new year of 2021 has set high hopes for better ease of doing business among companies especially those who were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. While most have continued thriving, some have also considered adapting to the digital age. With just an email with A1 Enterprise, an oil shipping company in Belgium has decided to address their manual procurement reporting. While they already have an existing procurement software, they realized that their incident management software system does not fulfill their business needs since they only use spreadsheets in excel files to formulate such reports. They mentioned that they need, among others, a seamless documentation of incident reports, better security requirements, coherent workflow and automation, customized broker access-employment details, automated incident notifications, and comprehensive report on injury and assets incidents. 

Claims Tab

The Incident Management Software provides for a claims tab where the user can see, among others, the type of claims, the status of such claims, the location of such claim, the date of the incident, the settlement amount, the total indemnity, and other information regarding the claimant.

The admin user can also change, add, remove, or even rename the fields in the system including its layout and format. This also allows the user to upload files in the system.

Incident Portal

An incident management system wouldn’t be complete if it does not have an incident portal. A1’s incident software system allows the customer to grant its admin user to give certain people an access to the specific tabs with confidential information. 

The assigned user will have access to an information tab on what type of incident is needed, when did such an incident happen, and where such incidents happen. Accordingly, such input will create a record which will then allow a notification to be sent to the recipient. However, the customer mentioned that this feature is not yet urgent on their business needs.


One of the most essential features of A1’s incident software system is its dashboard. In this tab, the user can take a look at the summary of information added in a portal’s tab. This can be customized according to criteria chosen by the user. Subsequently, when a user logs in, he or she can see, among others, the summarized top 10 claims according to its type – from accident, to cargo, to tracker, and the like. He or she has to only double click per category for detailed information.

This feature also provides a customized report which shows and hides columns that are only essential. Basically, it allows the user to filter the information needed in a report. 

So, how do you plan to ease your businesses needs for the rest of the year? Let us help you manage the bulk of information and documents that you are handling. Reach us through our lines or send an email to schedule a demo with us.