Accident prevention software tracks injuries, accidents, and insurance related information. Accident software can also help prevent injuries and accidents by allowing people to report hazards before an injury or accident occurs.  A1 Enterprise completed phase I of a new Hazard Tracking Software which is scheduled for release May 1, 2012 to help organizations strengthen their accident prevention programs.Accident Prevention Software

Accident software with cloud hazard reporting is a secure online software that gives employees and the public if needed to report hazardous conditions at a project job site or business location. Hazards may be submitted online from any laptop, mobile device, laptop, or  computer workstation and risk managers are then to assign resolution tasks to local supervisors to take corrective actions or commit to a corrective action date.

Hazardous condition reports may be sent to the first reporting party as well as employees stationed nearby  to keep everyone involved or at risk informed throughout the resolution process. Hazard conditions software includes an optional report that can list hazards for specific projects or locations so local employees remain aware of hazards and take extra safety steps to prevent injuries and accidents. 

Hazard prevention software is a key step for any injury and accident prevention program. Employee and the general public safety keeps general and public liability risks minimal.

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