A1 Enterprise guarantee software is preparing a major deployment of product guarantee software for warranty contracts, claims, RMA, and renewal management. Guarantee software processing varies by company, industry, and products. The highly dynamic nature of A1 Enterprise guarantee management software and careful due diligence invested into this deployment will allow a key international manufacturing and product distribution company to adapt their guarantee business and claims management processes to meet highly specific guarantee logic with dealers, service technicians, products, and customers.

As new product lines are rolled out or new related part groups and components release, A1 Enterprise guarantee software adapts around specific part and product properties to set guarantee coverage and liability limits of variable durations. A1 Enterprise included a highly customized product and part management administrative tool for product managers and guarantee administrators to manage product and part relationships using a sophisticated hierarchy of product groups, part details, sub-assembly components, and inventory integration services with accounting.

A1 Enterprise guarantee software will integrate with an ERP accounting software to capture cost, pricing, and extended pricing details and eliminate redundant data entry requirements between multiple software systems. As guarantees can generate income for a business, they can also create part and labor liabilities for repair and replacement parts or products. Guarantee claim payment processes and guarantee contract renewals will integrate with accounting the ERP system to report overall guarantee management activity in balance sheet and P & L reports. Guarantee software with accounting integration will add approval and audit layers of guarantee payment validation and guarantee claim approval steps.