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Green Business Services and green business ideas by A1 Enterprise focuses on a sustainable business model, utilizing resources most efficiently and maximizing energy and resources of an organization. A1 Enterprise utilizes business measurements to identify how a company spends its time and utilizes resources to reduce waste and promote a more environmentally-friendly and green business operation. There are three basic rewards for any business implementing green business ideas:

  1. Environmentally friendly businesses create less waste, landfill, and carbon emissions.
  2. Profits and funding go farther as company funds are more effectively invested.
  3. Business activity speeds up with greater employee efficiency and increased accuracy in reporting.

Like the company, employees also benefit from green business ideas and solutions. By reducing time spent commuting to and from work, as in a telecommute office, businesses recognize greater work productivity by eliminating variables which prevent employees from arriving and starting on time. Green business ideas and green business services also lower IT costs by consolidating data storage, file storage, and data backups. A1 Enterprise will conduct a comprehensive green business assessment for your organization, and assist with the process of determining where to best start or how to take the next step in with your organization’s green business initiatives. Click here for more information or to contact A1 Enterprise about Green Business Services.

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