A1 Enterprise recently met with a government entity that is interested in A1 Tracker. The goal of this institution is to streamline its government contract management system and processes. This government entity has often collaborated with local vendors in order to help them in their project developments. However, due to the large number of contracts being handled, it is just about time that they work with software and system developers such as A1 Enterprise in order to achieve that goal.

Portals for Data Collection

Government Contracts involve multiple vendors and bids. One way to track these bids is to utilize a web page that will act as a collection of information which will then be transferred to the internal government contract management software. This tool that is developed by A1 Enterprise is called a portal. 

The portal works just like any other form. That is the basic idea behind it but what makes it different from all other data collection systems is that it can be programmed to gather not just the usual company names, addresses, contact information but it also allows the vendors to submit their bids through this portal. 

On the same page, the vendors can submit their licenses to operate, business identification cards, and other necessary documents required in the bidding process. Once these data are collected, contract managers could easily track it through the municipal contract management software.

Contract Modules

A1 Tracker can have multiple modules in one platform. A contract module is one of the several modules that A1 Enterprise develops. Here, it is more efficient to navigate around the records submitted from the portal. From the time a record is added, users and managers will be notified and at the same time, any other updates will also be sent through email notifications. 

Notifications for reminders are one of the key features of a contract module. An administrator can easily set this up. These notifications may also be personalized and adjusted to the branding of the government institution. This may also be set to notify on a recurring basis.

In addition to notifications, the software could create fields that would help the user in searching and filtering records easily. Fields may depend on the collected data which may include contract manager, contract name, contract pricing, and contract type among others. 

Any changes to the records in a contract data will be sent through the same notification emails. This is proven to be advantageous for all parties involved. 

Reports and Dashboards

A1 Enterprise also develops government contract tracking software that would allow managers to analyze the data collected through a dashboard. From such, it will provide data information on macro to micro details. 

Reports can be generated as well on a regular basis. The dashboards can show contracts assigned to the team members and also contracts to expire in a specific period of time. 

Filters and Search Data

Searching data using government contract management software is fairly easy. This will help users and managers to search for specific records and handle the data with ease. Filters are also great to be able to check records under a specific price range or to filter locations of vendors among others. 

A1 Tracker is developed uniquely for every company or institution that needs it. What is great about this software is that it enables its users to streamline processes, make workflow more efficient. If you are interested in how A1 Enterprise can help you, schedule a demo today!