A1 Enterprise has completed commercial and general liability insurance software implementation for managing commercial and general liability insurance policies. This implementation gives insurance administrators robust reporting tools to track prospective customers, policy applications, premiums, payments, policy fees, notes, and policy documents.

The insurance contact database is a centralized module used for tracking new business opportunities and policy quotes as well as tracking sales communications such as sales letters, emails, and notes. The contact module includes a reminder system to check in with new business opportunities at scheduled intervals. As users log in, they have immediate access to a report showing business opportunities and quotations for follow up.

Insurance concept: Painted multicolor text Liability on Digital Data Paper background

A1 Tracker general liability insurance software contains features that calculate policy premiums and payment schedules based on base premium amounts, payment frequency, commissions, and other policy fees. The financial policy module allows users to track policy transactions such as payments due, payments received, and payments overdue. The team at A1 Enterprise collaborated with this customer to identify the reporting metrics that are critical for customers to see first. These reports include policies expiring, payments due, payments overdue, insurance applications in process, and policies approved that are still pending first premium payment. These reports streamline the customer reporting process by reducing manual policy communication steps since A1 Tracker automatically generates liability policy notifications and communication through supporting document and email template modules.

A1 Tracker provides web-based general liability insurance software systems that are effective and save time. This implementation will replace a legacy database and multiple spreadsheets that were not centralized and required a significant amount of manual labor for reporting and data management. Contact us for a free demo.