Employee equity is a new standard of compensation used by many organizations for attracting and retaining the best people in their teams. A1 Enterprise has proudly completed an equity management software implementation for a large US retailer in building a system for managing equity investments of its employees. 

The software A1 Tracker contains all the necessary features for storing and working with information related to equity investments. The team implemented two interactive modules – one for accounts management and another for operational transactions.

The first module of this equity management software allows users to add assets and liabilities of the account holder, as well as his personal details, like address and store location. Assets and liabilities track account balances and account statements.. Users can set account numbers, status, opening/current balance amounts and other related equity account information. It is also possible to add additional notes and file attachments.

Equity Management Software by A1 Tracker
Equity Management Software by A1 Tracker

The second module deals with transactions performed on these accounts and here every transaction can also be defined by specific attributes. When a new transaction is added, the account balance is updated automatically and other values like interest rates are also updated in accordance with predefined business rules.

Another powerful component of our equity management software is the financial transaction portal. We have experience in creating flexible, mobile friendly portals for different needs of our clients. In this case the portal is used for adding and updating transactions to the database on the fly, without accessing main modules of the application. Additionally, the system administrator can batch import payroll transactions exported from a payroll systems to reduce manual data entry.

Once the user is logged into the portal, he can enter the account number to which transactional operation will be recorded, type and date of the transaction, amount, and transaction description. There is also a read-only section with information about account holder and current balance. Transactions may be batch added, edited, deleted, or copied in a user-friendly interface with minimal steps.

All these features of A1 Tracker equity management software save on average a full week of work per month for this customer. Consequently, A1 Tracker  will allow its customer to re-invest 3 months per year in other productive work activities, instead of performing manual data manipulations every time you need to manage equity investments of your employees. Additionally, the account, transaction, and interest data accuracy will be far more precise by comparison to the previously existing spreadsheets.

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