Employee and equity investment management software is instrumental for giving employees the ability to participate in employer-driven 401k retirement programs. Many companies struggle with employee turnover and the retail industry is no exception. Maintaining good employees becomes easier when an organization offers employees an investment vehicle that grows as the company grows. That’s why good leaders look ahead and try to find new solutions for tracking employee investment software solutions.. A large US retailer will collaborate with A1 Entreprise to implement a state-of-the art equity investment management software system to track and report on employee investments. This organization currently uses an internal equity investment system consisting of a collection of documents and spreadsheets to track payroll deposits, interest, deposits, and withdrawals for 50 store locations and regional offices.. The current manual system is prone to error and has no rules to govern or control general ledger transactions and statement distribution.

A1 Enterprise will provide a web-based investment management software that links all employees, accounts, and locations together using the latest web technologies, error-proof algorithms, and accounting best practices to track investment account balances, interest, and account statements. Tax, location, employee, and regional reporting features will provide management reports on employee equity and investment activity. A1 Tracker will further reduce steps for investment account managers by automating and sending monthly statements in electronic format, secured by passwords, directly to the employee account holders. 

The investment administrator will additionally have access to a payroll data portal to upload payroll transactions to the General Ledger module, to further reduce the manual entry of deposit and credit transactions. This will reduce the manual effort required to manage employee investment accounts by 90%, while still allowing the investment manager to create journal entries for one-off transactions and withdrawals.. 

In general, this equity investment management software will be a tremendous time saver. Users will appreciate the simplicity A1 Tracker has to offer,especially after working with complex spreadsheets with minimal functionalities and high manual efforts that are subject to errors and miscalculations. Investment managers will see all equity investment data in one place and will have options for custom reporting and data export.. The system will give a tremendous control over investment operations performed on a monthly, or even daily basis, while eliminating most of the workload involved.

The risk of investment data errors will be dramatically reduced, because A1 Tracker automatically calculates current and historical investment balances and interest. 

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