A1 Enterprise presented A1 Tracker for Enterprise Asset Risk Management Software to one of the world’s largest commodities traders for raw materials with oil, gas, and mining divisions. The client currently has an in-house asset risk management system that has not been fully implemented due to organizational road-blocks, segmented asset and risk data, and data redundancies across regions and divisions. The current asset risk management software is marginally supportable and is not able to report on asset risk company wide. 

Asset Risk Management Software
A1 Enterprise Asset Risk Management Software

We presented A1 Tracker as a consolidated enterprise risk management software as a complete solution support and maintenance to satisfy key requirements and business dynamics requiring flexibility and accessibility of risk and asset data throughout the company. A1 Tracker Enterprise Asset Risk Management Software is a complete solution covering many weak or unimplemented areas in the client’s current system that requires manual steps and manual reporting.

A1 Tracker was presented to integrate the industrial asset side of the client’s business with risk assessments, ratings, and risk reporting. Key features included:

  • Dashboard reporting tools.
  • Forecasting capabilities, possibility to make decisions.
  • Notifications that will trigger when a risk is registered to notify the concerned user.
  • Risk register across different subsidiaries to detect similar risks and view common causes while learning from prior risks as to either prevent recurrences or expedite risk resolutions.
  • Techniques to assess/analyze risks as potential opportunities.
  • Risk forms and templates for mobility to access the system from mobile devices.
  • Capabilities to plugin other tools to the Enterprise Asset Risk Management Software for data centralization.
  • Templates for risk assurance/methodologies.
  • Uploading photos to enterprise risk assessment forms.

The client found the customizability and flexibility of the A1 Tracker Enterprise Asset Risk Management Software satisfying and expressed willingness to discuss the system with other decision-makers. Visit our web site to learn more about A1 Enterprise Asset Risk Management Software.