A1 Tracker has released an updated version for employer benefits management software to a key customer tracking medical claims. This key customer, based in the US and in the education sector, tracks employee benefits, claims, expenses, and reimbursements for claims. This implementation first released 2018 and immediately reduced the benefits management workflow by eliminating manual steps in a legacy database.

An HR system provides a data import file to batch upload enrollment information of employees and dependents which simplifies the enrollment process. The benefits manager tracks claim expenses and reimbursements throughout the year and can easily see benefits allowances and remaining benefits based on employee plan, prior claims, & plan year details.

Benefits Management Software A1 Tracker
Benefits Management Software – Driving Medical, Property, & Employee Benefits

With A1 Tracker claims email templates, the benefits administrator can generate EOBs (Explanations of Benefits) which send to employees and dependents in electronic format without manual steps. The team at A1 Enterprise and the benefits administrator collaborate during the open enrollment period to review any steps that may be further streamlined. A1 Tracker replaced a more manual intensive database a year before and continues to evolve with this customer over time. The ROI for this implementation hovers at 40%, focusing on benefits automation utilizing calculations & benefits rules which govern employee medical claim expense reimbursements.

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