A1 Enterprise recently presented a web-based software application that can handle multiple modules to help streamline the current business process of a known fuel retailer company in the US. Modules included in the presentation are Risk management, License and Certification, Claims management and Safety management. 

EHS Software

The company has almost a hundred stores and over a thousand employees. It is essential that all stores are compliant with the necessary safety regulations. EHS or also known as Environment, Health and Safety is a collection of procedures, laws and regulations which is focused on the safety of workers and the general public. The company is required to have an EHS software or a safety management system in place. 

Since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has developed many standards for businesses to follow, these rules must be complied with.  A safety management software can help the company in achieving regulatory compliance. A1 Tracker aids in making sure that the incident reports and inspection reports meet the OSHA standards.  A1 Enterprise produces customized modules that can be easily modified and configured to meet those standards set by OSHA.  

With A1 Tracker, it would be easy to report, track and monitor incidents and injuries. The module will also help in ensuring audits and inspections are done in a timely manner. Costs will be reduced for data collection,since A1 Enterprise can create a web portal which can be accessed by employees on-the-go. All aspects of the safety management system are in check with the use of A1 Tracker as well as reports are generated to identify areas and departments in the company that need further assistance. 

License and Certification Modules

In the demonstration, A1 Enterprise showed a module solely for Licenses and Certifications. The modules help in tracking the certification status of employees in order to achieve and maintain status as a Certified Safety Professional. The module is configured to identify if the employee is eligible for the certification. It will check for the degree requirements and a copy of school records or diploma may be uploaded to the system. There will be a dedicated field for this. Another area of the module will cover the work experience specifically the safety experience which will also be another dedicated field. 

Data collection will no longer be a hassle on the part of the employees. They can submit all of the required information through a portal which is configured specifically for the license and certification module. All of the data will be stored inside the database. Reports can be generated inside the module and this will help management identify which employees have not been certified for the specific year and which employees have pending requirements.

Risk Management Module

Rating systems are part of the indicators for the company when handling risk management. This would include low to high levels, the severity of a risk, the likelihood of a risk, and other systems they have in place. A1 Tracker can be configured to adapt to this rating system and also add risk quadrants. Under this module, audits and inspections can be added as a mandatory field, documents may be uploaded to the system for recording, incidents may be tracked, plans and objectives can be analyzed by the user. 

Even threats and risk registers can be programmed under this module. This will help the company identify which are potential risks, analyze them, and take the necessary steps to reduce the risk they will take. When they decide in specific aspects of the company, the risk management module can assist them before they proceed with their next move.

Data Migration

It is very important for the company to keep their data upto date including those that have been with them since the start. Data migration is available and it can be handled by batches. A1 Tracker is adaptable and current company field identification can be carried out in the modules. It is highly recommended to migrate the data they are working on and then follow the past claims that have already been completed.

In summary, A1 Tracker provides an assembly of integrated safety management and risk management modules that cater to any industry. A1 Enterprise is known to have produced several unique systems in the past, and it continues to provide an automated systematized database that is efficient, standardized and adaptable to the ever changing needs of companies over time. 

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