A1 Enterprise deployed a custom document management software using SharePoint document management work flow. This custom SharePoint implementation was provided complete with user access controls, version control, and audit logs for a key customer on July 4th 2012. A private labeled SharePoint interface was designed to accommodate high volume document edits, downloads, and uploads from enterprise-wide users. A1 Enterprise worked closely with this customer throughout the requirements definition and development cycle to ensure the end result delivered as-promised SharePoint document automation.

SharePoint customizations by A1 Enterprise can offer stand-alone SharePoint automation consulting or integration with financial accounting ERP software and contract management systems. Automated SharePoint work flow consulting offers document managers highly unique and flexible options to control the document management process for virtually any type of document, and add multiple layers of approval processes for document updates based on user permissions, roles, and document libraries. Our proprietary document upload and edit screens give clients much needed control over who can access a document and what permission is granted to the document. Document update and audit logs are maintained to folly accommodate audit rules and corporate retention policy.

SharePoint customizations may also integrate with A1 Tracker contract software, claims software, and litigation software, where key features such as renewals, contract cost data, and notifications may attach to critical documents and be shared across an organization with employees in various locations.