Being a self-made man is a feat, but knowing that you also need help from others shows courage to create a change. A sole proprietor turned into a corporation in New York, Connecticut has contacted A1 Enterprise for a claims management software that would help them deal with the number of claims that they have been receiving since the start of the digital revolution in these trying times. Dealing with building owners, lawyers and even insurance carriers has prompted them to recognize the need for document management software that would make their projects more efficient.

Since the company also handles preventive measures on plumbing, electrical, fire sprinkler, and structural designs, and the like, they initially mentioned that they need an integrated calendar that plots the inspection dates that are to be done. To address this, among other things, the A1 Enterprise has scheduled a demonstration for a document management solution.

Claims Module

One of the modules that the A1 Enterprise has been offering is the Claims Module. In this feature, the user or the administrator has the liberty to customize the basic fields required in a claim form, such as the claim number, claim type, claim status, reporting location, date of the incident, settlement amount, total indemnity, total reserves, claimant’s first name, and last name. To modify a claim, the user will just have to click on the pencil icon located on the left side of the field name. The user will then have the option to edit including the dropdown choices.

Considering that the user can customize, the system also allows the user to convert it into a PDF or download it in a word format. 

The reporting locations field shows a contact’s record including its information. The notes field, on the other hand, can be used to jot down progress on the claim. The files field, from the name itself, allows the user to upload files concerning the information added. It has no limited storage but has an initial 5 gig. A1 backend user, however, can send notifications to the user if the storage has already reached its maximum capacity. The user can also have the option to delete files if he or she wishes to. 

Meanwhile, some of the fields where the notifications can be used when sending reminders to clients and the templates field which allow the user to send a templated email using codes.

Calendar Widgets

The claims module basically gives convenience to the user from inputting details down to customizing the desired fields. As requested by the client, they also have the option to label the inspection dates and control the dates needed to be added which in turn will be part of the calendar widget. It was also mentioned that they needed a claim summary report and an option like a drive integration to upload documents that can be available offline. 

From these functions, A1 Enterprise only needs the documents needed to be uploaded in the software. This would not only take time but gives a compromise between the client and the A1 Enterprise. 

If you are also concerned about transforming your data into the software, A1 Enterprise could help you. Let us know your business needs and schedule a demo with us.