A1 Tracker has been awarded an implementation for a new dental & vision claims reimbursement software for a US-based educational organization. A1 Tracker will replace a Microsoft Access database after some 15 years of using it. The limited support, lack of flexibility, and time consuming processes have pushed decision makers to look for a new software that will be flexible yet easy to use.

A1 Tracker dental & vision claims reimbursement software will simplify the processing of claims by reducing steps throughout the entire process and tracking claim history such as letters of benefits, claim statements, and claim reimbursement history automatically. Notifications, batch updates, and email templates will allow users to efficiently process a claim, automatically generate claim reimbursement amounts, distribute letters and notices to claimants, and generate claim summary reports.

As claims are recorded, users will post claim expenses and copay amounts. A1 Tracker will then automatically generate claim reimbursement and remaining Year to Date benefit amounts based on claimant benefits plan details and business rules configured for the organization. A1 Tracker business rules will verify claim reimbursement amounts against annual YTD claim history, benefit schedules, and other factors that control claim reimbursements.

A1 Tracker will also provide facilities to batch send Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to selected groups of claimants via electronic format. Additional features will include processing checks, check cut-off dates, and invoices. Administrators of A1 Tracker dental & vision claims software can access critical claim information daily and from any location while also customizing the system to adjust to their tracking needs or policy reimbursement changes.

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