A1 Enterprise Trademarks A1 Tracker for Software as ServiceCustom Project Software | A1 Enterprise Trademarks A1 Tracker for Software as Service

A1 Enterprise has completed the trademark process of A1 Tracker; a fully hosted and fully customizable online project and contract management software. Since 2004 A1 Tracker has evolved as a highly competitive custom project management software to control project and contract costs. Over the years, A1 Tracker has grown as A1 Enterprise as a company has grown. In recognizing how business needs can quickly change, A1 Enterprise focused investments to ensure our software has the flexibility of adapting to our evolving business model. In doing so, we now provide our customers with this same flexibility.

Custom Project Software | A1 Enterprise Trademarks A1 Tracker for Software as Service

The ability to customize project management and contract software to most adequately suit your business and then further adapt that software as you business changes over time can be invaluable to your return on investment. Our software is suitable for most small and large companies and may be configured by the client to streamline project communication and eliminate liabilities such as cost overruns, contract omissions, and poor performance. With any project there will be assumptions and uncertainty. If you are going to roll dice on this uncertainty, A1 Tracker increases the number of sides that will show success.

A1 Tracker is easy for your staff to understand and use, and may be extended to outside auditors, your customers, vendors, and suppliers. A1 Tracker is a management software that breaks down project processes such as budget requests, budget approvals, invoice submissions, plans and specifications, status updates, and cost audits in a way that allows each person to view project data most relevant to their role in the project. A1 Tracker benefits projects involving 5 people, or 300 people, and provides a consistent format for reporting costs, budgets.

A1 Enterprise is proud to offer our newly trademarked online project management software to businesses around the world and is now building a strong base of sales representatives to promote and market A1 Tracker. Businesses will appreciate the detailed accountability and controls that are built into A1 Tracker. Read more or contact us for more information.

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