Enterprise and small business CRM software can significantly help an organization manage the flow of sales. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is defined as an approach to sales strategy, and is effectively used in the planning and controlling the interactive process between clients, vendors, and sales staff. A1 Tracker CRM software works as a control instrument, and is software that specializes in combining sales, marketing, and customer service. How beneficial CRM software is for a business depends on several key factors, some of which are less obvious to sales managers and IT decision makers when evaluating CRM software. A1 Enterprise also contributes to your CRM software decision making process by working with key sales resources in your company to help define and analyze your CRM software needs, to ensure you wind up with the right solution. The right solution is the key to a successful and long term and supportive relationship, and this has been a long withstanding principle within the A1 Enterprise culture. CRM Software Enterprise

CRM Software Features & Customization

Sales resources should spend most of their time massaging relationships with new and existing customers. Customer communication is critical to building a relationship that closes a deal, and for sales resources to work efficiently they need sales tools that help expedite their sales follow up process in a way that maintains customer contact with a personal touch as opposed to a general email-marketing blast from an email distribution list. It is often the case that sales reps will compose personalized emails to ensure they include a personal touch in their follow ups with customers, and where they have more control over email content and in making it unique to individual customers based on customer category, industry, or unique business requirements. A1 Tracker CRM software has valuable sales communication tools that can be customized to best suit the needs sales reps, thereby maintaining a smooth and efficient sales operation.

CRM Software Vs. the “Pencil and Paper” Method

With little end-user sales rep training, A1 Tracker can be deployed as a fully functional sales communication tool for organizations with sales reps who have a limited computer background and perhaps even a phobia of using computers, and who are accustomed to tracking sales the “old fashioned” way, such as a pencil and paper and hand written binders. These days, to get ahead in your industry, it’s becoming more important to optimize the sales process so sales reps can cover more ground by applying less manual work effort when communicating with customers, without sacrificing the personal touch. As a company founded in 2001, A1 Enterprise proudly maintains a personal touch with clients and during the entire sales process.

As users of our own software, A1 Tracker gives our own sales reps much needed selling tools to present very professionally written sales communication to sales leads, even sales reps with little or no computer experience. Sales reps should not be spending time figuring out how to use CRM software, or even customize software, but rather focusing on applying CRM software to meet targeted sales objectives. This strategy will give both end users and sales managers the strongest benefit and ROI from implementing CRM software. A1 Tracker takes the best key ingredients from the “pencil and paper” old fashioned sales strategy and mixes those ingredients with the latest technology and training strategies to create new pinnacle levels of sales success.

With A1 Tracker your business has only to gain, as we offer risk-free demonstrations and up-front personalized training with your sales team. With years of CRM software development, implementation, and training expertise, an IT manager or sales manager might wonder, how is this possible? Contact A1 Enterprise for a free CRM software demo and find out.