A1 Enterprise will be deploying A1 Tracker as a customized CRM software with additional modules to support product claims processing. This highly evolved CRM software highlights online sales lead management, where customer information is collected using a fully branded lead inquiry form, which in turn notifies sales managers to assign the lead to sales reps for follow up. CRM software reports can produce reports on how likely a sale will close, last follow up dates, and sales progress. CRM Software

A1 Enterprise migrated CRM data from several sources, including a previous CRM software, accounting software, and product inventory software. Product and part serial numbers, customer details, and customer product claims were migrated and integrated into A1 Tracker for a complete transition. With our cutting edge training techniques key administrators were provided with training resources to introduce additional users such as sales reps, product technicians, and executive management team members to new benefits of A1 Tracker.

One key feature A1 Tracker CRM software deployed was a customized quotation module modeled after a manual quotation process sales reps used to generate quotes using spreadsheets.  This quotation form incorporates product details such as serial numbers and unit prices from an accounting and inventory software, which then in turn allows sales reps to generate quotes quickly and send to customer prospects. Quotes are attached to customers in the CRM which allows reporting on customer quote history and quote trends. Assigned sales reps can track the status and history of quote approvals, receive follow up reminder notifications after 30 days a quote has been sent, and add additional documentation to quotes such as customer specifications and project requirements. Quotation email templates are fully customizable, and system administrators can brand quotation email templates with company logo and letterhead.

A1 Enterprise hosts A1 Tracker in world-class data centers with 24/7 access to critical CRM software, or customers have the option to host internally from their own data center. Contact us for more information or for a free demo.