A1 Tracker contract software work flow is a headline feature to be introduced into full beta by early 2013. The features supported by contract work flow will give very large organizations with thousands of contracts a highly competitive platform for contract administration. A1 Enterprise released a customer-specific beta version of contract software work flow in August 2012 and ran successfully for 5 months. After continuous subsequent development, our contract work flow software module will be ready for live beta in January 2013, giving all A1 Enterprise customers the option to take advantage of our latest technology. Contract Software Work Flow

A1 Tracker contract software uses integrated web-based technology suitable for contracts of all types, including lease agreements, sales agreements, work agreements, customer contracts, real estate contracts, vendor contracts, insurance policies, insurance certificates, purchasing agreements, and maintenance agreements. With A1 Tracker only one contract software is required to capture and maintain virtually any type of contract agreement in your organization. Contract software work flow features include the flexibility to alter work flow processes based on contract type, category, contract party, or vendor, taking the guesswork and a significant amount of manual effort out of contract management administration.

Contract Software Work Flow Training

As a courtesy to our existing customers, live contract software work flow training will be provided to contract administrators, for those customers who adopt this module. Although small business contract management may not call for contract work flow, medium and enterprise organizations including governments most often require some sort of contract work flow component, even if contract administrators are unaware of this need initially. With personalized contract software training and deployments dating back to 2001, A1 Enterprise will work with your organization to ensure our work flow process meets your unique contract processing requirements, and further customization is always an  option with A1 Enterprise. We honor your business by helping key resources in charge of  contract administration to analyze contract processing requirements and identify how A1 Tracker will meet your demands in contract volume, software security, and processing steps.