Contract Management Systems empower businesses to manage the value of products, services, and projects across their markets while protecting their intellectual property, pricing, and delivery terms. Having a solid contract system in place with workflow ensures contracts are maintained. Recently, a real estate appraiser in Chicago, Illinois sought help in transitioning to a digital contract management platform.

Key Features

Key contract features presented allow users to trace contacts, service providers, managers, and any person involved in the negotiation process or ongoing contract transactions. Users can export contract documents and data using report-based filters. Then, they can generate reports in formats varying by user preferences, such as Excel, PDF, and CSV.

Permission Access

Security is also a big concern with contract management, and it is critical to control which users can access which contracts across varying departments and locations. Vendors and third parties may also be granted limited access to view contracts to which they are assigned. 

While technology has paved the way for innovation, it has also provided a way to better manage privacy, security and user access. A1 Enterprise’s Contracts Module gives exclusivity to those with special access due to roles– contract admin, help, technical administrator, etc. This is part of A1’s value proposition, as we tailor A1 Tracker to meet the user volume of our customer. We therefore support small to enterprise size businesses needing more robust solutions with more sophisticated user access controls.

Contract Dashboards 

Contract reporting is simplified  with a sleek dashboard. This key feature aggregates contracts by category, status, or department to give users high-level visualizations and summaries of contract activity. This may include contract renewal rates, pricing changes, trends, contract performance issues, and budget to actual costs statistics.

Contract Reminder and Notification Option

The reminder and notification system is another key feature that informs contract parties of and helps control contract activity. Some examples include steps in the negotiation process when a contract is requested, routed to a user for approval, or approved. Other notices include contract expiration, pricing changes, or term changes. Contract administrators can adjust and create new notifications according to the business needs as well as different frequencies. 

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