Research says that the future of the online industry will prosper a few years from now. In fact, the advent of technology has not been foreseen even by the print industry. A financial company in Florida, U.S., however, has decided to address their growing business and move with the advancement of wired transactions. They decided to inquire with A1 Enterprise on the available software that they could use to track their closed and upcoming contracts. A1 Enterprise, in return offered the contract management software.

Contracts Summary Tab

Similar to the other existing software, the Contract Management Software requires login details of usernames and passwords. Upon logging in, a contracts summary tab will appear. It contains information such as the contract ID, contract name, agreement status, effective date, expiry date, contract manager, purchasing group, etc. 

What makes this contract management solution unique is that it is equipped also with an attachment option where the user can also attach files. 

Adding New Fields

The information on the contract summary is not limited by the necessary fields available that are already available in the software. These can be customized too by clicking on the Add New Custom Fields button.

From the demo,however, the client preferred to add a reminder option on the due dates, notifications, reporting dates, attachment of files, as the case may be.

Contract management could be a smooth effort on the part of business owners. Let us help you with it. Contact A1 Enterprise and schedule a demo with us.