The A1 Tracker is now on the market to provide web based contract management software CRM tool. The A1 Tracker for project management provides companies with an alternative project, timecard, contact management CRM, or task management system that is accessible over the internet, and is free of any and all installation and configuration requirements.

A1 has selected key marketing personnel to promote this product and has in addition set a 12 month roadmap to include additional key features to further enhance this project management and CRM software. A1 Enterprise has also coordinated with large scale local public agencies to facilitate direct marketing campaigns that bundle the A1 Tracker contract software and project management training together in a professional learning environment. Such organizational and strategic market positioning for the A1 Tracker will secure a successful market rollout. Visit the Tracker products page to find out how the A1 Tracker can be utilized and customized to benefit your unique organizational needs for your specific trade practice or industry. For more information visit our