Research says that it’s human nature to think that those who are already on top of their field don’t need much help from others. But if you take a look at things from a different perspective, it’s the other way around. For one thing, this could be seen in the business arena where cutthroat and competitive environments are considered norms. Business leaders need to adapt to the changing times to provide the best solutions to their target markets. Otherwise, they would lose the opportunity to be the first choice in their game. That’s why learning and seeking help from others are still the core foundations of game-changers. We appreciate these kinds of businesses who continue to improve on their systems to cater the best services to their customers. 

A top marketing agency in Illinois has contacted A1 Enterprise for Contract Management Software that would ease their documentation processing. In particular, the matters requested by them will be discussed alongside the modules presented to them during the demo.

Registration Page

The client particularly requested a Product Registration Data Collection Concept. It was proposed that the process should be as follows: (1) Manufacturer sells products in bulk to distributors; (2) Distributor sells fieldpiece products to the business owner; (3) Contractor to visit the website to register products; (4) Contractor, to create an account on the website with address and email address; (5) Data for all registrations are stored by account; (6) Data to continually be collected over time as contractors continue to buy and register products; (7) Data from the online registration can be accessed by Customer Service through the CRM customer record and Marketing automation can be developed around purchase history.

The client wanted a registration page that would also serve as the contact information and product registration data. From the expected flow, A1 Enterprise showed that the registration page can be done. Its current interface is composed of fields such as the Product Model, Expiration Date, Invoice Number, Sales Number, Name of the Customer, and the like. But these can be customized depending on the client’s submitted metrics. This feature can also provide limited access to the page depending on the client’s choice.

Assets Module

Similar to other demos conducted, A1 Enterprise explains that each module is integrated with the other. Considering that the client wanted a product registration page that would also highlight the product registration data, A1 Enterprise introduced the Assets Module which could also be used to address such requirements. This interface requires fields that need to be collected from the end-user such as the product model, description, name of occupant, part number, customer, invoice number, location, description, quantity, asset type, and so on.

This interface is also subject to change depending on the client’s needs. Thus, the client could request approximately 20 fields which can be arranged depending on their choice.


This is a simple reporting tool that summarizes what has been added to the product management software. This could be used for different purposes such as a summarized contract calendar. That’s why the client has to be clear with their goal first – it could be by contract, by registrations, etc., depending on the metric.

Alongside these, the client specially requested, among others, that the portal must be mobile-friendly. It must have at least 10 users for the initial run but approximately 35,000 portal users for products registered across 5 years. This also means that warranty management shall be included in the contract management tool.

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