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A1 Enterprise has implemented a contract management software system for a key customer in California. With a small group of senior executives requiring contract management tracking and reporting, A1 Enterprise rolled out a new contract management software implementation for a health care customer to track insurance contracts and renewals. A1 Enterprise provided the necessary tools for software customizations to suit specific contract management and contract renewal needs. A1 Tracker for Contract Management, for the most part, worked right off the shelf to meet the contract management needs of this customer.

Once having setup a contract in the software, and set contract renewal notifications, A1 Tracker will remind the user when the contract comes due for renewal, for a status update, or termination. The company will no longer need to look for expiring contracts since the contract administrator setup the contract renewal process to notify on specific dates. In an effort to help companies reduce paperwork and strengthen green business initiatives, multiple people can track and share contract data with each other online and from any location.

A1 Enterprise hosts a variety of risk management software including insurance, contract management, injury reporting software, claims software, human resources software, cost control software, and project management software. Contact us for more information or a demo of our contract management software.

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