A1 Enterprise offers contract management software Active Directory integration with Single Sign-On to allow for a more secure and seamless user experience when logging in. Active Directory integration is available to companies using A1 Tracker software as installed on premise or cloud hosted, and uses federated identity active directory integration. Single Sign-On simplifies user licensing and access controls for contract software administrators, and saves time for end users when logging into A1 Tracker.

What is contract management Active Directory integration? It is a process allows the company to have a centralized repository of user accounts tied to the network email infrastructure, making user names and passwords consistent throughout the organization. There are many benefits to utilizing Active Directory Single Sign-On integration:

Integrating Active Directory into a company’s system will allow internal and external users to manage their password in one place. Active Directory services essentially unify user records with all password and account information for the company’s end users. This virtually eliminates the need to manage authentication user names and passwords in multiple software systems, and simply utilizes a single sign-on to securely access applications.

This integration provides the company’s users with direct network access and allow the company to synchronize data across all departments. This equates to easier access to files and documents for each of the users in the organization.

The company’s user access files remain secure through Active Directory because the network administrator controls access to specific applications.

Having Active Directory integration and Single Sign-On (SSO) allows a quicker way to conduct network-wide user access control and authentication through a centralized and secure network database for managing user access. Active Directory results in lower maintenance costs when managing users.

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