Managing contracts between clients and vendors, as a managed service provider, involves a lot of transactions and negotiation. A1 Enterprise has recently released phase 2 of contract generation software for a facilities management company to streamline their processes. The first phase automated vendor insurance certificates and renewals. This phase automates contract renewals between vendors and clients. This client manages thousands of vendors that provide services to large corporations like business offices, hospitals, and banks. These companies hire this client to manage vendors. This is to allow them to just focus on other operations of their business.

Contract CRM Software

The main problem usually faced by this client is that all their operations were entirely manual. The only way they track contracts and service pricing details were through Excel and Word documents. They had no way to report on contracts at a high level. With thousands of vendors to notify via email manually for contract notices, the process was time consuming and resource intensive. It left them more at risk of contracts expiring without notice. They had to track insurance for all vendors to ensure their coverage for accidents in their facility. With no central database for contracts and other documents, they only spread these out across different systems and sheets. To resolve this, A1 Enterprise focused on Contract CRM Software integrated into module. All these to make centralized and automated and that they could have one source for all data.

A1 Enterprise Process

A1 Enterprise provided continuous guidance and support throughout the onboarding process. They want to ensure users could maximize their benefits from the system and recognize cost savings by automating steps.

A1 product continues to help business operation through the years. Now, they are looking forward to the next phase of this implementation– Contract Pricing.

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