A1 Enterprise has just completed a major construction contract management software implementation with workflow implementation for a U.S. based global construction company.

The contract management software offers an easy-to-use web-based system for managing various necessary contracts wherein users within the organization as well as third-party entities and individuals, such as its vendors and contractors, can generate or request contract agreements.

Construction Contract Management Software

The construction contract management software, which could be easily accessible to the company’s website, gives access to entities to input the necessary information for the required contract.

These information typically cover: the type of contact, the level of confidentiality of the contract and other necessary disclosures. The request form also provides a way for the requester or vendor to input personal details, which when submitted will be accessible to the company.

These procedures aim to provide sufficient information to the company, thereby expediting the contract workflow process. The A1 Enterprise support team can assist the construction company in customizing these fields, depending on what information the company would need in the contract request form.

To allow the fast processing of contract requests, the requester will receive an email confirming that he has submitted the contract request form. It also includes a link that gives an option for the requester to revise the form, which would bring the requester back to the form and make the necessary changes.

At the same time, the company’s contract manager will also receive an email notification for every contract request to allow the administrators to quickly act of each request. The email will come with a link that allows the contract manager to approve the request.

Companies are assured of security as the data and documents under the A1 Tracker construction contract management software are stored on a secure server with automated backups and backup delivery for on-site backup retention.

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