Commercial & General Liability Insurance Software

A1 Tracker has been awarded a new insurance implementation for commercial and general liability insurance software. This implementation will allow the insurance administrators to monitor the policy application process from start to finish, from the initial opportunity to application approval and premium payments.

The contact database (CRM) will allow users to track new business development, policy quotes, and potential customers interested in securing a policy. The CRM module will enable users to send policy sales documentation such as sales letters and follow up reminders to check in with new business opportunities. As opportunities evolve, they pass into the quotation cycle. Users will have features for tracking policy quotes and status, to follow up with sales prospects periodically. The A1 Enterprise team will work closely with this customer to ensure policy reports such as renewal reports, premium payment reports, and reports showing new business opportunities are easily accessible for the user upon logging in.

Critical features of A1 Tracker will include calculation logic to automatically compute policy premiums and a payment schedule based on policy variables such as premium amount, payment frequency, and other policy fees. A1 Tracker insurance software will track premium payments due, overdue, and premiums paid.

A1 Tracker is web-based and will replace a legacy database and multiple spreadsheets that were not centralized and required a significant amount of manual labor for reporting and data management.

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