Safety management is one of the most important aspects of industries dealing with hazardous work. A1 Enterprise recently conducted a demonstration for an oil and gas company that focuses on utilization, exploitation, and development of oil and gas properties in the United States. Their operations are primarily focused in the area of Pennsylvania.  Their aim is not only to focus on the development of oil and gas, but also to operate in compliance with the regulations required by the government especially for environmental safety. 

The company required a safety management software that can help them manage their Certificate of Insurance and help them streamline their processes in preventing injuries, accidents and minimizing risks, alongside with their other business activities. 

COI Management Software

With A1 Tracker, it would be very easy to issue Certificates of Insurance as it would help eliminate the manual process. Instead of using paper-based collection of information, this can already be done through a web-based portal where data can be submitted and transferred to and from a database. The database inside A1 Tracker will be accessible to the managers that would make it easier and faster for them to review the policy information. Updating would no longer take weeks because it can be done real-time. It would also be easier for the managing team to analyze the similarities between and among claims. 

Through the COI software, policy managers will be to filter information depending on their search needs. What is great about A1 Tracker is that the current business workflow and process of the company can be integrated into the software. This would make it easier to migrate from the old system to the new and more improved version through A1 Tracker. 

It would also be easier to manage data and control the information that is coming from the web-based portal. Communication to and from the policyholder and the members of the team, may also be recorded in the A1 Tracker. Files and documents can also be stored in the database that will serve as a repository not only for single records but for multiple records as well.

Safety Module and Management Software

A1 Tracker is designed to adapt with any kind of system that a company already has. Its flexibility is one of the reasons why companies use it. The requesting company has an existing  safety management process in place, but they need help and assistance in making it more efficient and automated. Thus, A1 Tracker is proven useful for them since these processes and policies can be programmed inside A1 Tracker. 

In this safety management software, hazard identification is possible alongside risk assessment and mitigation. Fields inside the program may be used to help identify the different hazards as listed by the company. There can also be implementation of risk assessment factors which can be programmed as well inside the software. 

Reporting of incidents can also be done with the use of a web-based portal for gathering information. This information will be transferred to the safety software, in which the data gathered will be analyzed and investigated by the assigned team members. Not only will it cover incidents, but also inspections and audits made by the company. This would mean faster analysis of the inspection data which will help them improve their safety management procedure in place. 

Every company has indicators and metrics. As such, it is important to track these on a regular basis. A1 Tracker has a capability to help you generate reports through dashboards that will track the company’s performance and help them make the right decisions. Specific factors such as incidents, claims, inspections, hazards and other indicators may be viewed through the dashboard.

A1 Enterprise has developed multiple modules in the past that would cater to the individual needs of each company. In fact, several companies have utilized a combination of these modules in order to achieve a more productive workplace. A1 Tracker has been proven to help businesses in automating their processes. If you are interested in knowing more about what type of software would help your business, schedule a demo today!