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Claims tracking software
by A1 Enterprise is part of a risk management software suite to better help companies track claims and related claim data. With this claims software, companies can document and share claim tracking data online with those involved in the claims tracking and management process. Sharing claim information with other risk managers, claims managers, damage estimators, insurance adjusters, lawyers, and claimants will expedite the claim update and process of organizing claim documents.

Claims Tracking SoftwareUsers can administer claim data in an online claims software and attach claim files such as faxes, claim pictures, and claim forms. In risk management, information sharing is critical to ensure a claim is processed and handled by the appropriate people throughout the life span of a claim. A1 Enterprise further simplifies the claim tracking process with this online claims software by allowing claim managers to assign injured employees, damaged vehicles or assets, and various contacts who play a part in a claim. Claims may be tracked and sorted from anywhere in the world with our new claim management software, and separate by claim type, status, or parties involved. Virtually all of your claim information will be at you fingertips.

A1 Enterprise has a built effective claims tracking software systems and other various risk management software products since 2001. We also provide custom risk management software reporting for project managers, owners, legal personnel, local governments, non-profit organizations, and insurance-related industries. Contact us for more information on our claims software.

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