A1 Enterprise presented A1 Tracker as a claims risk management software to  a South Carolina based company. Their focus is to provide quality food distribution & retail services and products in a safe and clean environment. They also seek to maintain a good public image and business reputation through safety awareness throughout their organizational culture. They seek not only the satisfaction of their customers but also of their employees, independent contractors, and vendors. They currently operate in more than 80 retail stores throughout the Eastern US and are currently growing. Because of their growth, locals are choosing them over competitors because they give back to their communities. In fact, they donate a portion of their profits to organizations that help with the growth of their communities.

The growth of their company demands a need for a claims risk management software to manage multiple departments alongside the handling of insurance policies, COI renewals, liability insurance software, workers compensation, and other types of insurance.

Claims Risk Management

The claims management team handles claims received from customers and carriers. A1 Tracker claims risk management featured ways to solve backlogs in the claims process. Key features included, (1) ways to collect claims related data & documents, (2) track the progress of those claims, (3) manage a transactional ledger for claim financial reporting, (4) shared interdepartmental reporting tools, (5) OSHA compliance reporting, and (6) user access-rights management.

In the demonstration, we presented the Claims & Risk Management modules which allow users to search all records, create custom filters, save custom reports, and run them on a regular basis. We also presented a web-based claim portal that collects documents and claim details from end users or claimants. The portal is an online form where users can both submit and track the progress of claims. The claim transaction ledger also allows claimants to view expenses paid and other financial details including various reserves and loss ratios .

Since the company handles high volume claim data, it is critical for this customer to have executive dashboard reports that allow users to run high-level claim and risk management reports by month, quarter, year, and policy periods. Examples include monthly claim reports, loss runs, claim payments released, risks of open claims and reserves, and trends on which branches had the most claims and their root causes. A1 Tracker also supports OSHA compliance reporting with an automatic counter for lost and modified days that produce on OSHA 300, 300a, and 301 reports. The OSHA reporting features presented additionally support reporting across multiple entities and subsidiaries. This was important to address segregated OSHA compliance reporting that are both company and location-specific. Lastly, A1 Tracker allows for granular user access management, ensuring that only those handling claims will be able to view or update their assigned claims. All of the above-mentioned can be configured by the administrator who is given full control over A1 Tracker security & governance.

Contract Management Module

The company has hundreds of vendors & vendor contracts with  suppliers,employees,and other third parties. In the demo, we presented how A1 Tracker will streamline with day to day contract processing & operations. A1 Tracker can be used as a repository for all the contracts they currently handle and new incoming contracts. From contract creation down to execution, the contract management module saves steps throughout the entire process. A web-based contract portal allows vendors to submit proposals and quotes for RFI and RFP products and services, which can then flow into the contract module for analysis and approval review.  With contract workflow, A1 Tracker automates contract notifications so contract managers and vendors remain looped into communication surrounding contract or pricing changes.

Other Risk Management Features

Document management and storage was also presented as such A1 Tracker can be used as a repository for files relating to claims, insurance certificates, contracts, and evidence for claims. Since the company has thousands of employees, each module can be department specific with department managers owning the data, workflow, user access, and configuration of their given module. 

A1 Tracker is web-based and cross-browser compatible, may be hosted by A1 Enterprise or via on-premise self-hosting . Being cloud based, we provide continuous  backup and disaster recovery. 

In summary, A1 Tracker provides an assembly of integrated risk management modules that cater to any industry having their own unique requirements. Having produced countless systems in the last two decades, A1 Enterprise continues to provide an automated systematized database that is user-friendly and helps companies streamline and modernize old processes to meet higher  standards of security and service in the global marketplace.

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