Many captive and self-insured companies are required to send what’s called a First Report Notice to their insurance company when a claim has occurred. These companies frequently do this manually through phone, email, or fax. The timely reporting of claims cultivates a strong working relationship with the insurance carrier while the tedious communication process in reporting is reduced..

That said, there is a good return on investing on cost-saving measures such as the basic features of the A1 Tracker..

Recently, A1 Enterprise guided a key logistics and transportation customer on how to use Email Templates to semi-automate the process of reporting claims to their insurance carrier. This Claim First Report Notice to Carrier provides the insurance company with the information required to file a claim:

  • Claimant Details
  • Accident Details
  • Accident Scene Photos
  • Police Report
  • Witness Information

This real-time First Report Claim Notice also ensures that the business complies with the insurance carrier notification period. This transparency in claims reporting between a business and their insurance company can:

  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Increase the possibility for the insurance company to cover the claim
  • Reinforce the defensibility of the claim should it fall into litigation
  • Decrease operational and procedural overhead costs

A1 Tracker is a comprehensive risk management platform, offering a suite of modules that serve enterprise organizations. For more information, contact us to request a demo.