A1 Enterprise has been producing software exclusively focusing on customer needs. Its business model on enterprise risk management solutions caters to customer organizations. These are the ones looking for software to better track risk and mitigate losses. This intends to ultimately save time and money for customers and ensure a successful software adoption.

Recently, A1 Enterprise announced a customer-driven product improvement to simplify claim follow ups – the Claim Diary & Follow up Calendar.

This enables claim managers and adjusters to set the following:

  • Due dates for claim follow ups,
  • Litigation dates for notices & court appearances,
  • Reminders on documents and forms are due,
  • Repair vehicle & asset repair due dates, and
  • Automate reminder notifications to relevant parties

The claim calendar streamlines claim adjudication by eliminating the process of manual search to identify its due date for follow up or where the files are located that need to be worked on and processed. With this feature, users can handle more claims on a daily basis, and better focus on the high-risk and high-value claims.


The claim diary calendar eliminates the tedious working process across multiple platforms. This includes emails, documents, and personal calendars. As mentioned, it helps organize files that allows a more efficient workflow among the members of the organization.

Follow Up

Claim managers and adjusters can change follow up dates and reset notification with minimal effort. There are follow up comments that appear on the calendar. This indicates the next action step for the claim and who to reach out. This reduces the time spent reviewing the claim history and determining the current status and next step.

Mid and large-sized organizations can get a better handle on claim volume and scale the business on fewer claim admins. An example is a claim adjuster that deals with more claims daily with reduced time and costs. This allows more productivity. The ability to separate claims per key performance indicator like severity, priority, dollar value, and others helps set user priorities.

Aside from the new calendar feature, A1 Tracker makes an ideal solution that allows customizing business’ specific needs. This makes A1 Tracker more cost efficient as comprehensive risk management platform. This works most effectively for Insurance Carriers, Brokers, TPAs, OCIPs, Captive Insurance Companies, Self-Insured Companies with SIR for these are the types of businesses that are highly focused on agreement written in documents and observed by clients.

If you want to learn about the benefits of A1 Tracker to business productivity, contact us to book a demo.