A1 Tracker has been tapped again to present their Certificate of Insurance and Contract Management Software. An institution doing business has decided to progress with its initiatives to finally immerse in a certificate of insurance tracking. As their occupancies are constantly increasing, they realized that they might also face possible risks in every transaction. To protect them from financial losses, they have thought that an efficient solution to address this issue is to have a better certificate of insurance software that would help them track their policies with each client.

Contracts Model

This interface serves as the data management tool of the administrator. In this feature, the user can opt for keyword searches. Among others, this enables him to view the policyholders, the effectivity date of its availed policy, the status of its policy, and the tracking number of such policies. What’s good about this is that he can also tweak the columns depending on his choice of sequence. 

Advanced Views

In this feature, the user can put file attachments needed for the policies. He can also customize it by creating a notification for reminders that would suggest any types of suggestion that he may want (e.g. edited version of policy from the insurer). Such could also be crafted into a templated letter for an email notification that will be sent to the insurer as the case may be. This feature also includes mail logs for tracking.

Contracts Dashboard

This tab shows a comparison of included categories through pies and charts. Here, the user is allowed to streamline and even compare the categories he may want to examine such as, among others, the top five contracts, by company, by agreement type, by agreement status, by business unit, and by the pending workflow. This also includes the financial widgets that would show the user the history of the approved amount of policies history, the expenses by department, and the top contracts expired versus expense amount and approved amount.

If your business is planning to shift on the digital race, A1 Enterprise would cater to your business solutions. Let us help you and amplify your efficiency through our Certificate of Insurance Contract Software. Contact us and schedule a demo today.