A1 Enterprise has deployed A1 Tracker for cargo claims software for an international trans-oceanic marine shipping company. Modules include claim notifications, claim email templates, and claim contacts such as adjusters, employees, crew members, and insurance contacts. Cargo shipping assets including oceanic vessels are also tracked using a customized deployment of asset management software. Cargo claims software will integrate with asset software and contact management to control claims processing and communication while sending reminder notifications when a cargo claim is due for follow up. Cargo Claims Software

Cargo Claims Software Workflow

Cargo claims software workflow notifications will be introduced in early 2013 to support claims update processes such as status changes for approvals, follow ups, and claim denials. Claims software analysts worked closely with this customer to ensure key customizations were accommodated to ensure unique business requirements were fulfilled. As a marine shipping company, cargo claims management gives claims managers flexibility in how a claim is handled, where certain types of claims have assignments to various responsible parties for follow up and closure. To prevent cargo claims from going stale automatic claim notifications will send to keep key individuals informed with claim updates and any claim follow up actions. Claims workflow notifications gives legal departments and claims managers ways to reference approval dates and approving parties for claim expenses paid, payment requests, and any following litigation expenses. With the introduction of claims software workflow management, A1 Tracker will have additional ways to hold parties involved in a claim responsible for decisions with audit logs and reporting.

With claims software training history that dates back to 2001, A1 Enterprise provided personalized training for end users and claims software administrators, while importing existing relevant data to expedite deployment setup time. A1 Enterprise provides ongoing support for software administrators to help fine tune features to better suit claims administration needs. As a business changes over time, software needs must evolve to accommodate changes in the business. A1 Enterprise specializes in providing highly versatile risk management and claims software, knowing that no one configuration or system can remain static but must flow with the evolution of the business.