The past year may have been a difficult year for most of us especially on the part of businesses that were thoroughly affected by the pandemic. Although life has not yet totally gone back to normal, we cannot deny that we should adapt and move forward. So, how do we move forward then? A captive insurance company in Maryland, United States had recognized that the smart move is to start managing their claims through captive insurance software solutions that would help them navigate the sudden shift of everything to digital. 

Claims Management Module

A1 Enterprise offers a wide range of software solutions. Among those is the Claims Management Module which caters to insurance companies like captive insurance software in administering the bulk of claims that they are receiving. Its major interface is the customized summary in which information can be entered in fields that can be set as required or optional.  For example, status, Description, Claim Type, Claim Date, and Type of incident are all required fields in the Claims module. It also has a unique workflow log that would show the changes made by a user to a specific field.

For each Claim summary record, there are sections like Files attachments to attach any pictures or files with the Claim. Similarly, there is a section that allows the user to save additional information and follow up notes on a Claim.

A1 Tracker also gives clients options to add a customized dashboard that can be configured to display measures and metrics as per the client’s business needs.  The dashboard uses visualizations tools like widgets charts, drill down summary and calendars.

Modules Tab

Moving forward has never been exciting, but it also takes a lot of patience to train someone to know the nitty-gritty of using captive insurance claims management. The captive insurance claims company has then undergone their 3rd training session using the modules tab. 

The modules tab has an interface that allows the user to limit the access of information to certain users. This is done through the selection of “read” and “enabled” options. By clicking on ‘read only’ for a certain user, he or she would not be able to make any changes to the selected information. If neither is selected between “read” and “enabled”, the user would not be able to access the information at all. But when the “enabled” option is ticked, the user can edit such information.

Field Display Mapping

The modules tab wouldn’t be more user-friendly without the field display mapping tab. Such an interface allows the user to select what fields should appear on their screen and to control the field being displayed in their claim forms.

Document Template

A document template is also provided to complete the ease of doing business with the insurance claims. This feature is basically similar to an email template where one can provide among others, the template name, the description of the document, and the language that the user prefers to use. What makes this excellent though is that the user has an option to export such a template through a PDF, word, or RT format.

It may seem late, but it’s not too late for you to realize the use of our software to ease your business needs. A1 Enterprise is here to help your business needs be better. Schedule a demo with us today!