A1 Enterprise has released a new Business Intelligence Software and BI Automation Software for a key customer that will utilize Business Intelligence to manage scheduled email notifications for human resource related functions including employee annual reviews. The goal of the Business Process Scheduler is to ensure that reports get submitted to the correct individuals in an organization and in a consistent format, automatically with no human intervention, with accuracy, and in a timely manner.

BI automation software is capable of being and is equivalent to a task scheduler that can operate using any database available in the same network. The Business Intelligence Software can be set to perform specific tasks against a database at or during certain intervals. Any task that can be performed against a database can be handled by the Business Process Scheduler. This includes adding, updating, and deleting records, as well as maintaining logs of such activity. The Business Intelligence Software can also be configured to run tasks and sequential subtasks based on key events and then take action such as send an email, or update a database record, or send a summary report. This tool is designed to support multiple workflow tasks and sub tasks where each sub task is dependent on the successful completion of its predecessor sub tasks that came prior.

The goal of this product is to eliminate certain overhead functions that can be managed by a computer and free up human resources to perform more creative and innovative tasks. A1 Enterprise recognizes how replacing certain functions that are repetitive tasks can offer employees with new growth and career opportunities where the employee can learn new skills and better benefit an organization.