Insurance companies exist to serve as an auxiliary when there is a sudden need to address the most life-threatening situations. Still, as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility; insurance companies also deal with numerous workloads on claims that must be tracked efficiently. Otherwise, a disorder may happen among the involved parties. 

One of our key customers from an insurance company has tapped A1 Enterprise again for a quick demonstration on using Automated Claims, Task, and Calendar Management Software. 

The presentation highlighted the claim assignments and notifications feature, claim calendar, and claim reminders. These elements help admin users plan their workload and be on top of their claim assignments to ensure processing steps and documents are timely, including follow-ups.

The client specifically wanted a task module that would serve as a “to-do” list. But they have an existing initiative with their ICT. A1 Enterprise, however, suggested that such could be integrated through a dashboard feature of the task module. The dashboard could be through a calendar widget which can be scanned in months, lists, or days, or pie graphs. 

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