A1 Enterprise has been set again for another scheduled demonstration on its property claims software for purchase and installation company. The company offers brand-name furnaces and air conditioners that allow its customers to keep their homes comfortable, safe, and secure using the partnered products, systems, and services. They could either be contacted for an in-house consultation that could be done online or simply call them for a scheduled repair.

Now that everything is going digital, the client company seeks for a more efficient way of tracking claims on their services, including the following but not limited to claims recovered, statements received, types of leaks, date of completion of service. That’s where A1 Tracker Property Claims Software could be the solution to their data managing problems.  

Dashboard Widgets

The demonstration started with an overview how the dashboard of the property claims management software would appear once the client starts to access its account in the A1 Tracker. In this part, the client company is allowed to pick or even customize its dashboard’s interface on how he or she wants to access or perform on its dashboard. 

Since the client company deals with service and installment providing business, it wanted to include the date of claims that were recovered, the date when the statements were received, its position on the claim whether they are the defendant or the plaintiff, the type of leak needed to be repaired, the city where such customer is located, the insurance company where a certain customer is insured, the branch where the claim has been filed, the code of the claim made, the status of the claim, and the name of the contractor.

Test Portal

After the client customer selected the widgets that they need, the demonstration proceeded to the test portal where the client customer gets to visualize the overall interface of the software. 

The software shows filter options where the client customer can pick the claim types that were mentioned in the dashboard widgets. From there, the client customer can see the financial comparison of claims. The portal also shows the number of claims that were made for each year. A pie graph also reflects the summary for better comprehension. The client customer has also the option to export such a report to a PDF file or image in cases where he or she needs it for a presentation. 

A1 Enterprise takes pride in bringing together all of your complex business data into a single summary screen, featuring your most critical business data, metrics, trends, charts, and graphs. To learn more about A1 Tracker and other features, schedule a demo today.