A1 Enterprise recently presented a service contract software demonstration to a car servicing company based in the US. They are an all-round and full-service auto repair company with specialization in Mercedes-Benz brand vehicles. The company prides itself on their knowledge and expertise in repairing all models of the Mercedes-Benz car line. They have recently included repairs for smart carts and crossfire vehicles. 

The company’s growth is evident in the number of vehicles they have repaired since the beginning of their business. Because of the massive growth of repair requests, they want to shift from manually tracking and managing their service contracts to an efficient process like A1 Tracker service contract software management.

A service management software will help the company in several ways. This will include automation of service schedules, generating work orders, invoices for the customers, paperless transactions and utilizing a system repository for customer information. 

Service contract software features allow automation that will provide the company a consistent source of revenue by making sure that the contract system and contract deliverables will be met on time. In terms of work orders, A1 Tracker can be programmed to generate auto notifications reminders and emails during the same timeline with line item pricing for every specific service required. In addition, parts pricing, labor rates and other rates may be included in the system repository. This way it would also be easier to generate work orders when these options are already in place.

The above-mentioned automations can  be further customized in more depth on the basis of schedules set by the customers. Car technicians can be assigned for every customer and this will help the company identify the performance rates of each technician. Analytical Reports can also be generated in terms of the number of work orders closed and completed. 

Instead of collecting customer information on paper, A1 Enterprises develops a separate portal wherein customers and company employees can access it at anytime from anywhere. Portals also help make transactions easier since they can be accessed through mobile devices. Thid way Data collection will no longer be a time consuming  and a hassle. Pictures of car parts that require an action to take place can also be uploaded on the portal. Mutiple checklists can be added in order for a technician to identify which specific repair will be applied.  Once data is collected, it’s directly saved in A1 Tracker system and automations steps that are set will follow.

Everything that A1 Tracker service management software does will help the business become efficient in dealing with this Client’s customers. Various other modules may be integrated as the company needs and grows which would focus not only on service contract management but also Warranty management, Claims management and Auto Insurance management 

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