A1 Enterprise releases Tracker to Manage Online CRM SalesTracker to Manage Sales Reps

Since 2004 A1 Tracker has been used as a project management software. In 2008 A1 Enterprise added Contract Tracking and Insurance Tracking to cater to additional needs targeting risk management for project managers.

Tracker to Manage Sales Reps In May 2009, A1 Enterprise released an update which allows A1 Tracker to be further extended into product and CRM sales management. This online sales software makes it easy for sales reps to access online sales documents and sales support through a secured web site. Sales reps in multiple locations can login and view product brochures, product sales scripts, and specifications. Sales managers can publish press releases and product updates to help support sales activity and provide guidance to sales reps in the field. Sales managers can publish sales content which is then distributed to each sales rep with minimal effort. This process can save sales managers hours of emailing sales documents and content updates to sales reps. Sales managers can publish case studies, product brochures, or articles that support the sales process and agent understanding of new product developments.

A1 Enterprise recognizes the value of both project management and sales communication. That’s why A1 Enterprise has extended the features and benefits this software has to offer into the salesside of the business, in addition to operations. A1 Enterprise alsorecognizes that software integration is key in helping a companycontrol costs in both sales and operations. The fewer applications acompany uses, the fewer applications employees and sales staff mustlearn to use. The simplicity A1 Tracker offers when supportingoperations and sales sides of a business will reward a company with amore streamlined management and sales process. If a company manages brokers or distributors, and have down-line salesreps, A1 Tracker can be used to track which distributors areresponsible for which sales reps and in which locations, or for whichproducts.

As A1 Enterprise expands it’s global sales rep base, the sales and CRM functionality of A1 Tracker will expand and soon match the strengths of the project management module. Contact us for more information.

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