A1 Enterprise was given nomination as Best Enterprise Risk Mitigation SaaS Platform in the Innovatech Technology & Innovation Awards for 2022. It is such great honor for the company to receive this nomination as it went against tough competition in the industry. Innovative Software is a vital part of our current and developing business world. As an effect of globalization and pressure from wide-ranging events, it is more essential to have comprehensive, cloud-based, and integrated software no than ever.

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What is Innovatech?

Innovatech is a company that celebrates the best of technological innovation and business. It identifies companies that provide reliable and effective software or services, and publishes reviews to help businesses find the right tools for success. Innovatech offers awards in categories like:

  • Innovative Software-As-Service
  • E-Commerce
  • Cloud Services, like data management and security or IoT devices
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Architecture / Design

What A1 Enterprise Offers

A1 Enterprise provides an Innovative Software, A1 Tracker, for businesses that have outgrown the use of static, off-the-shelf products. This software satisfies the needs for interdepartmental expansions as businesses take on new revenue opportunities, compliance requirements, safety initiatives, and other strategies for business growth. This software is a highly dynamic, fully integrated product that can be tailored to suit unique business needs. It provides data analytics and consolidation, interdepartmental collaboration, and workflow automation via secure cloud or on-premise hosting.

A1 Tracker is an innovative and comprehensive risk management software that allows information with other key departments in the business. It has helped countless companies manage details on Contracts, Assets, Insurance, Safety, and Claims, etc. Those who have access in the account have the flexibility to select modules that they think might help grow the business. In most cases if the business needs to expand over time.

Congratulations to A1 Enterprise Team for achieving this nomination! I’d also like to thank our clients for helping us achieve this. Our mutually dynamic engagement to work for SaaS software solution challenges us to make things possible with the platform.

To learn more, check out www.a1enterprise.com