A1 Tracker was approved by a DPO or a Discount Plan Organization which provides a discount for health care services. Their main goal is to make healthcare services accessible especially to those who have a different health status. This will also help others meet their financial goals. Their system is composed of their members, physicians and some affiliates. The focus of the company is more of a member discount and they are not a direct insurance provider. 

A1 Enterprise developed a web application that can help their business process faster and make it more accessible. A1 Tracker has developed a portal for the company which will allow users to easily input their data and an additional questionnaire is also added to gather EMR or electronic medical records history. Once information is filled, a member of the organization will verify the data through an A1 Tracker module that houses the information submitted through the portal. 

User Access and Alerts

User access and limitations can be easily modified inside A1 Tracker. The medical membership software has certain limitations and level of access may include members only, agents access, administrative staff and providers. Each level will have limitations as to what information is accessible such as history payments, plans selected, status, renewal dates, contact information and other vital information. Alongside the user access, alerts and notifications are also available in A1 Tracker. These alerts can be modified inside the medical discount software specifically for every type of user.  These alerts will be personalized accordingly and a template can be integrated into the system. Some of the alerts will include the following:

  1. Signing up of a member
  2. Payment confirmation of a member
  3. Payment reminders on a regular basis
  4. Expiration of the membership
  5. Survey and rating 


A1 Tracker is also integrated with a dashboard solely for reporting of data. These reports can be generated regularly. They can be modified according to the data that needs to be analyzed. This can include the total number of members by Plan Type, by Sex and by age bracket. This can also include the total number of new members in a specific period. Other reports such as geographic data may also be included. As to revenue report, this may also be generated depending on what needs to be analyzed for a specific period. 

In conclusion, this discount membership software is dedicated to making the business run smoothly especially for data gathering which is an essential part of their daily operations. A1 Enterprise has developed several platforms similar to this but every single database is customized according to the requirements of every company. Are you interested in improving your company’s efficiency? Book a demo with us!