We live in a time when software technology is heightened. When we want to get things done, we look for the most efficient process and with limited resources. There are so many challenges that turn companies into an optimization mode. This leads them to come up with a solution in order to keep their business going. Research says that one of the most prominent businesses are those that cater to home essentials. A manufacturer of skylights and roof windows decided to reach out to A1 Enterprise to install Tracking Software on their Certificates of Insurance. With that in mind, they wanted to embrace the digital transition of tracking validity of contracts that carry insurance.

Insurance Policies and Certificates

Similar to our previous demonstrations at A1 Enterprise, we introduce how modules are integrated. We show how submitting or updating information to the portal is processed that make tracking much easier. Whenever we do so, it triggers email notifications to the vendors for transparency in the system. We also customize forms according to the branding of clients so image is maintained for identity purposes.


Dashboard simply serves as a summary of all the data inside the portal. There are representations in pie charts, graphs, and calendar widgets; as well as pop-up messages that serve as reminders for every login.If not only are you planning to heighten your online visibility but also aiming for transactional efficiency, contact A1 Enterprise now and schedule a demo.