August 1, 2022

Contract Generation Software for a Facility Management Service

Managing contracts between clients and vendors, as a managed service provider, involves a lot of transactions and negotiation. A1 Enterprise has recently released phase 2 of contract generation software for a facilities management company to streamline their processes. The first phase automated vendor insurance certificates and renewals. This phase automates contract renewals between vendors and […]

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June 29, 2022

Medical Claims Processing Software Goes to Testing and Training

With the surge of businesses adopting a remote or hybrid work environment, what makes one more successful than others? Both businesses and consumers look for brands and to engage services that simplify and increase productivity. To enhance the quality of life, transitioning from legacy-installed software to web-based medical claims billing software is essential. Businesses have […]

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May 12, 2022

2022 Nomination for Innovatech Technology & Innovation Awards

A1 Enterprise was given nomination as Best Enterprise Risk Mitigation SaaS Platform in the Innovatech Technology & Innovation Awards for 2022. It is such great honor for the company to receive this nomination as it went against tough competition in the industry. Innovative Software is a vital part of our current and developing business world. As an […]

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Best Contract Management Software A1 Tracker February 23, 2022

Best Contract Management Software 2022 – A1 Tracker

We are pleased to announce that A1 Tracker is listed on Recruiters Line Up roster for best contract management software 2022. Recruiters Line Up highlights the role contract management software plays in organizational growth. A solid contract repository where all contract data and documents are centralized is a crucial aspect of mitigating contract risks. This […]

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October 25, 2021

Claim First Report Notice to Carrier

Many captive and self-insured companies are required to send what’s called a First Report Notice to their insurance company when a claim has occurred. These companies frequently do this manually through phone, email, or fax. The timely reporting of claims cultivates a strong working relationship with the insurance carrier while the tedious communication process in […]

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October 10, 2021

Understanding Incidents, Claims, and Losses

Many people often see these three terms as identical. Although they may be related, there is still a fine line between incidents, claims, and losses. These terms may be confusing and interchangeable; however, for people who have knowledge like those in the insurance industry, these terms are very distinctive. Incidents to Claims An incident is […]

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September 21, 2021

Mobile Equipment Lease Agreement Contract Workflow

A1 Enterprise is approaching its 7th year working with a Chicago-based construction materials manufacturing company. They have been using our product, A1 Tracker on Contract Module, that features Lease Agreement Contract Workflow to keep the business running more efficiently. We celebrate this anniversary by observing the longevity for this customer using A1 Tracker. The longevity […]

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