RMA Software

A1 Enterprise is near completion of a major upgrade for a key manufacturing customer using A1 Tracker RMA Software, providing an efficient database of RMA contracts and returns.RMA Software

A1 Tracker is flexible enough to handle diverse RMA processes among various companies, ranging from the most simple approval workflow steps, to more complex sequences, which may include dozens of reviewing parties and approval steps.

It also imposes cost control on RMA labor, product and part replacement, and RMA shipments. RMA contracts gives administrators powerful tools to control what services, parts, and costs are covered when a return merchandize authorization is requested. Additionally, A1 Tracker automatically sends notifications before an RMA contract expires, potentially giving the customer an opportunity to purchase an extended RMA contract.

Dealer management is another key feature in A1 Tracker RMA software. A warranty administrator can quickly run RMA status reports and analytical reports to measure RMA response, historic product performance, and customer usage. RMA Software

A1 Tracker RMA software is offered as a complete solution with built-in modules for asset management, claims management, warranty management, and product management. The A1 Enterprise support team can integrate a manufacturing software for managing product development to a company’s product development software. This process ensures that critical product details — such as serial numbers, bar codes, version numbers, QA inspection numbers, and assembly information — are accounted for to remain consistent with the company’s manufacturing master records.

To get the best return on investment on an RMA software, an organization might consider integrating product upgrades and sales into the RMA communication cycle, such as extended RMA warranty contracts, among other products.

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